recognised university for MBBS degree in Malaysia

The medical and healthcare field is a very popular field amongst students who wish to further their degree. Well, if you are interested in the medical field or if you want to work in healthcare, an MBBS degree is what’s for you. If you are hoping to find some of the recognised university for MBBS degree in Malaysia, you’ve come to the right place.

First Up – More about MBBS Degree Malaysia 

As said earlier, it is a very popular choice among students who wish to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, and this is for many reasons. Firstly, those in the medical field are in cosntant demand because people will always require treatments and healthcare. Therefore, you will never be out of a job (per se). Of course, that also depends on the exact field you are planning to work in. 

Studying an MBBS Degree in Malaysia is very popular and there are many options for you to choose from, but today we will only be focusing on one option, which we think may be the best option for you out there. Firstly, let’s talk about what it’s like to study MBBS degree in Malaysia. 

You will be studying for a grand total of five years in the university. Once you have completed your five years, then will you be able to work in the healthcare sector taking care of patients and such. If you hope to train to be a specialist in a specific field, you need to note that that will add a few more years. Some popular fields of medicine that MBBS students choose to fixate on are gynecology, surgery and general medicine. 

recognised university for MBBS degree in Malaysia

Having and pursuing a medical degree will aid you to cover the field of healing and health in many aspects. It covers diagnosis, treatments and preventions of medical conditions and diseases. Therefore, as a medical student, you will be learning how to conduct medical research and case studies in all the various areas of the medical field. 

RUMC – Recognised University for MBBS Degree in Malaysia 

A great option for you to check out if you are thinking about pursuing an MBBS degree is RUMC. It is a good pathway that a student can take if they are interested in the medical field. First off, you can take on their foundation in science programe and continue on into their pre-medical year, and if you pass all the modules, you will be awarded the MB BCh BAO by the National University of Ireland. 

Yes, RUMC offers students the experience to study abroad as well. You will be doing your pre-clinical years in Dublin. You will be able to build a strong foundation in pathology, pharmacology and microbiology. There are many reasons why a student who is interested in an MBBS degree should pursue it in RUMC, but those are just some of the few. 

Of course, it’s a great option for those who have not decided on studying abroad yet, but would like the option to be there for them when they actually decide to move abroad to continue their studies. 

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