1. Start & Interval Sex Activity With Foreplay Techniques.

Start your intimate relationship by flirting, caressing and enjoying the beauty of your partner’s body. Don’t be in a hurry.

Too much focus on paddling will make you lose at the beginning of the ‘fight’. Once in a while, re-explore your partner’s passion points by kissing, caressing and enjoying the beauty of your partner’s body while paddling. Help to spice up your foreplay with sex toys from https://secretcherry.co/product-category/vibrators/.

2. The Right Position – More ‘Attacking’ Instead of ‘Defending’.

Sex positions, where the men are on top such as missionary positions or doggy style – give more advantage to men.

This position ‘speeds up’ blood flow and gives a harder and more durable erection.

If you are unsure, avoid doing a position where the woman is on top (woman on top) in the first session of sexual intercourse. The jerking and jerking of your partner will remove the blood flow from your erection.


The position of the woman above also makes her control the movement, at the same time this situation can make the man lose control and easily ‘vomit’.

3. No Need To Rush. Enjoy The Flow.

Do not rush and want to be satisfied quickly. Take it easy. Start by following the rhythm of your breath. If your penis is too amused when entering a woman’s tomb, then you usually find it difficult to control your paddle perfectly.

You can also practice durable techniques in this bed: Occasionally remove Mr P from Ms V when you feel you are about to reach a climax. This trick is useful to divert your mind for a moment to avoid premature ejaculation, but does not reduce the strength of the erection.

4. The Right Mindset – Satisfy Your Partner First.

This is the most important. Seriously. Before you ejaculate (ejaculate), make sure that he has achieved sexual satisfaction many times (orgasm).

In sex, the issue isn’t just about your satisfaction-the husband alone. But, you also need to be mindful of your partner’s feelings. It involves two parties for sure.

Don’t be egoistic and selfish.

As a husband who truly loves his wife, you need to fulfill your inner sustenance perfectly. In most cases, to keep the heart of the Husband, the Wife has to pretend to be satisfied, while the Husband is quickly defeated at the beginning of the fight.

Pity! Very embarrassing. According to studies, a woman needs a minimum of 10 minutes to truly achieve satisfaction in sex. A relatively long period as well actually. Right?

The question is, how do you want to satisfy your partner, when even ‘5 minute endurance’, you do not want to achieve?

Here are 2 ways you can do it:

First, you can use the G -Spot technique when you are in love.

This technique is proven to increase your partner’s arousal, in turn making him reach orgasm.

You only have to use your fingers. However, before you apply this G-Spot technique, make sure you have done foreplay and light communication with your partner.

Don’t be in a hurry.Create a calm atmosphere in the relationship between husband and wife. Slowly, step-by-step. Second, please give your penis ‘maintenance’.But keep in mind, never use weird sex drugs.

It is indeed scientifically formulated for the purpose of repairing and ‘tightening’ the skin tissue on the penis shaft – so that it is thicker & less sensitive.

5. Save Strength. Quality Is More Important Than Quantity.

Do not have sex when you are tired. Too tired or fatigued at the beginning of a sex session can result in a penis erection becoming flabby – less hard. You are first easy to reach climax, while your partner is not satisfied yet ‘thrashing’ you. Good communication is very helpful to you in this regard. Quality is more important than quantity right?

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