Is sex craving during pregnancy consider normal? The answer to this question is, yes. It is consider normal for woman to crave for sex during this nine month period of time. Also to make it clear, this is the mother’s craving not the baby’s. There are many ways that a woman can have sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Here are some that we are going to discuss in this article.

Have Natural Sex

Having a natural type of sex is not going to harm the baby in a mother womb. The penis is able to penetrate the mother’s vagina only, not the uterus where the amniotic fluid sack is located where your baby is developing in the first place. Therefore, having a penetrative sex during pregnancy is not going to compromise anything nor it would cause any harm to the baby, as it is located at a safe area, where the penis can’t cause any trouble to it.

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The Use Of Adult Sex Toy

The use of adult sex toys like vibrator or Secret Cherry dildos near me in Malaysia is able to satisfy the craving of a pregnant women. This is due to the ability of sex toys that is able to mimic the experience of having a real sex. 

If the mother is someone who is looking for more sensual experience, then the use of vibrators like bullet vibrators or clitoris vibrators is able to deliver the expected sexual pleasure. The function of vibrators is so unique that it has the ability in making people reach their climax or have a multiple orgasm in a row if it’s possible. 

Therefore, during pregnancy, it would be hard to use your hand to stimulate your erogenous zone or intimate area, hence having an advanced vibrators which apps can be download onto your smartphones in order to control its vibration and speed would help satisfy many woman’s sexually.

Dildos on the other hand, are great way, if your partner is too afraid in having sex with you. The fear aspect is understandable due to the bulging belly that many women have. In addition, this is why many women tend to own adult sex toys after getting pregnant as it helps in satisfying them whenever they feel horny. Secret Cherry dildos near me in Malaysia is able to help woman experience penetrative sex once again, after a long time.  There are also dildos that vibrate, which can once again be found at Secret Cherry dildos near me in Malaysia.

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Consult Physician And Midwife

So, if you can’t control yourself from craving to have sex, it would be advisable to at least consult with a doctor or even midwife about the possibility for you to have sex in the current condition you are in. If the physician and the midwife permits that you are capable in having sex during your pregnancy, then by all means do go and satisfy your craving. But if you are someone who is diagnosed with high-risk pregnancy or any related pregnancy disorder, then it would be better to avoid real sex and opt for adult sex toys from Secret Cherry dildos near me in Malaysia.

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