best logistics company in kemaman

A logistics company is an organization that designs, controls, and manages the supply chain of another company. Depending on the commercial agreement between the two parties, the logistics company can operate during supply procurement, storage, transportation, order fulfilment, and distribution. Find out more on the best logistics company in kemaman.

Order Processing

  • Order processing is critical for a logistics company. The logistics activities begin with order processing, which may be handled by the commercial department of the logistics company. Before processing the order within the company, the commercial department ensures that the payment and delivery terms are met.

For order processing, a logistics company follows the steps below:

  • Examining the order for any deviations from the terms that were agreed upon or negotiated
  • Prices, payment methods, and shipping dates are all available.
  • Inquiring about the stock availability of materials.
  • In the event of a shortage, production and material planning are essential.
  • Recognizing the order and pointing out any deviations
best logistics company in kemaman

Materials Handling

  • Material handling refers to the act of moving goods around a warehouse. It entails managing inventory in such a way that the warehouse can fill orders quickly and accurately. Even though it appears to be a routine task, it is critical and must be completed on a regular basis.
  • Moving one of 100 items around in a small shop with 100 items is simple. If this small shop is unsure where the products are stored, the shopkeeper will have to look for the product each time an order is received. He has 100 products in his inventory, so he’ll have to go through all of them to find the one the customer ordered before moving the others.
  • Now multiply the above scenario by a factor of a hundred. Warehouses for large corporations can be up to half a mile long. Consider the amount of inventory in the warehouse. The warehouse manager will be in big trouble if he doesn’t know where the materials are stored and how to transport them to the warehouse’s dispatch center. His productivity and efficiency will suffer significantly as a result. As a result, the materials handling function is extremely important.
best logistics company in kemaman


  • Take, for example, LG or Samsung, which are long-lasting consumer brands with a global presence. While their products are manufactured in a single location, their distribution is global. As a result, warehousing has a large impact and is an important Logistics activity.
  • It is critical to note that the warehouse must be located near the retailer or distributor in order to deliver goods quickly. If a branded product takes a week to arrive, it may not sell as well as a competing unbranded product that arrives in two days. As a result, it makes sense for the branded company to establish a more convenient warehouse in order to provide the products as quickly as possible. 
  • This is a common occurrence. Logistics centers are strategically placed to avoid overburdening the main warehouse (large warehouses that stock the majority of products). These warehouses can relieve delivery pressure by becoming interdependent, ensuring that goods are delivered to customers even when demand is high or production is low.
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