10Jun 2020

Properties in Malaysia

Are you not satisfied with your current position right now? Do you always have this nagging thought that somewhere out there, there is a place where your life might improve? Do you have the means to settle …

20Jan 2020

This Year’s Venue For The Run: Mont Kiara!

Where is Mont Kiara? What part of the world is this place? First of all, this is not a city but just a part of a city. However, even if in their …

06Sep 2019

Important Matters about CRM

CRM or customer relation management is quite important in every business. For one to properly use this system, he needs to dig more about this. He needs to be more familiar about this software so that …

04Sep 2019

MSPO Benefit for The Smallholders

In the previous article, we talked about what is MSPO certification and how does it work. In this article, I will discuss how the MSPO certificate will be benefiting the smallholders. Yes, what you heard …

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