Is there a specific set of urban planning limitations in the area or the municipality in question? Are there any easements? (for example, mandated materials or a roof overhang) Are there any restrictions associated with joint ownership? Are there any specialized remodeling assistance, particularly in the area of energy?

The condition of the building

When it comes to the roof, the heating system, the electrical installation, the sanitary facilities, and the bay windows, how well are they maintained? Is there a problem with the humidity? What are the load-bearing walls constructed of? What are the existing heating requirements of the building? It is mandatory to get a PEB certificate, which provides an estimate of the yearly heating requirements. This is critical in the purchasing of an apartment for sale in Keramat.


Specify a maximum budget for your project.


It is not advisable to spend all of your money on goods and construction projects. How much of the funds should be set aside? Are there any other large costs that will need to be budgeted for in the next years?

The ability to borrow money

It is mostly influenced by the amount of money the buyer earns each month (s). It is necessary to meet with your banker in order to discover your maximum borrowing capability.

The maximum renovation budget is determined by adding together the amount of personal cash set aside for the project and the borrowing capacity available. In addition, there is a safety buffer.

Make a sketch of your living quarters.

What kind of living spaces (bedrooms, offices, etc.) do we need today and in the future? What is the best location for them to be in? Will it be required to demolish walls or build new partitions to accommodate the changes? Is it simple to move about the house? Is there enough light coming in via the bay windows? In order to properly scale each level, we will take the time to develop drawings to scale.


Isolate yourself; it’s now or never.

Renovation work provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to improve the insulation of a home. The greater the extent of the remodeling, the smaller the amount of expenditures related with insulation will be in the final bill. You should go ahead and be ambitious because it will shortly pay off.


We have passed the era of low-cost energy. Houses constructed before 1945 need on average the equivalent of 3000 liters of fuel oil to heat 150m2, or a minimum of € 1,500 per year in fuel oil use. In contrast, a low-energy dwelling with a 150m2 footprint has an annual oil expense of around € 400. In the Walloon Region and in Brussels, premiums and zero-interest loans are available to anyone who wants to take out this sort of activity.

In this case, the environment

Heating accounts for around 65 percent of total energy usage in a typical house. As a result, climate change and the progressive depletion of fossil fuel supplies are having a substantial influence. Insulating dwellings helps to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

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