Industries To Work For In Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi-cultural country that fully lives to its slogan “Malaysia truly Asia.” From its people’s varying ethnicity and religion to its multifaceted landscapes and attractions even to its practical employment industry. Considering the rich combination of traditionalism and modernism, Malaysia is truly an epitome of what Asia can offer the world. Thus far, Malaysia is a melting pot that cultivates countless career opportunities. Due to its diversity, there is no shortage of talents and skills.

Consequently, akin to a lot of countries, some industries thrive over others mostly due to its popularity. Case in point, according to recent studies, the top industries in Malaysia are Information Technology and Financial Services, as a steady global trend, this result is not really surprising. In addition, not only are both fields popular but also high-paying, thus the continuous increase in prospective professionals. So, to further add to the countless opportunities that currently abounds in Malaysia, here are lesser-known industries in Malaysia that are often overlooked:

Unpopular Industries in Malaysia

To start off, the first industry is Logistics or Supply Chain. Logistics or Supply Chain basically encompass the seamless flow of goods so products or services remain uninterrupted. Though this is not a widely known industry, in recent years, Logistics or Supply Chain positions have become an essential part of an organization’s plantilla.

Although not very popular, people working in this industry are the ones making sure that the company’s movement of goods and supplies remain at optimal levels, operationally and internally. Consequently, to start a career in Logistics or Supply Chain, the first step is to get the relevant educational background, such as a degree in Management or in Systems Engineering, attaining this will mean obtaining key competencies to boost your career.

The second industry to highlight is Food Science. This may sound easy and familiar but Food Science is not your typical cooking or culinary class, this industry is a more technical field that covers food safety, food processing and an overall understanding of food technology.

With this coverage, Food Science practitioners are vital in the healthcare, hospitality and foodservice industry because they ensure that food products are safely processed and thus, safe for general consumption. Since this industry is not generally known, practitioners are few and in demand. To secure a position in this field, a degree in food science and food technology is a must.

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The third and final industry to highlight is Communication. Contrary to popular belief, this does not only mean the telecommunications sector but also involves opportunities in Public Relations, Advertising and Brand Management. With work behind and in front of the camera, so to speak, and the need to be on top of most things, the communication industry opens numerous doors that can lead to other fields.

Currently, as more and more people rely on mass communication, rising demand in communications expert for advertising or information dissemination becomes timely. Thus, to be ahead in this industry, degrees in Public Relations or Marketing Management will be a great start.

By and large, the aforementioned industries are pre-existing fields that need exploring. Because of more popular careers in emerging industries like, the Gaming and Digital Industry, professions in these sectors provide unique and lucrative career paths. These professions are what we can consider a career path’s hidden gems. So, to aspiring professionals, start planning and working toward these less travelled routes.

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