Now with the existence of pandemics, everyone is struggling in many different aspects and one of the people that has been suffering is our local farmers. They have been struggling financially to cater to the needs of their farms and to keep their products of the best quality. The least we can do to help them is by supporting our local farmers because without them we would not be able to enjoy all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that we bought at the supermarket. One thing that you need to know about this big supermarket is that they got their supplies of fruits and vegetables from the local farmers and they tend to charge us more than the real price of these fruits and vegetables. That is why it is better for us to support our local farmers and here are some ways that we can do to support them. 

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Go To Farmers Market 

Do your grocery shopping at your local farmers’ market where you can get the freshest fruits and veggies for a great price. Besides that, you are also supporting your local farmers by shopping there and the experience of visiting a farmers market is really fun because they have all sorts of food and fresh ingredients that you can buy. Also sometimes the farmers will offer you an online fresh fruit delivery Malaysia, where you can just order the freshest fruits online and they will deliver it straight to your home during this pandemic. Remember when you are going to your local farmers market make sure to wear your facemask and keep a distance between people. 

Sign Up For CSA 

What is CSA? A CSA stands for community-supported agriculture and there are many benefits that you will gain when you sign up for CSA. for example, you can get the freshest fruits, veggies, and flowers. They will deliver it straight to your door and besides that, you can get to know where your ingredients are being made from and how is the quality of the farm is. 

Buy A Fresh Meat 

Instead of buying your meat at the supermarket without knowing the quality of the meat, you can buy your meat in bulk at the farm. This way you can guarantee the freshness and the quality of the meat. You are also supporting your local farmer by doing this, which is basically killing two birds with one stone. To know how to buy a lump of bulk meat, you can ask your local farmers or a butcher shop. They will provide you with the needed information if you are interested in buying a lump of bulk meat. 

Go To U-Pick Farm 

Some farms are open for visiting for locals and they will provide you an experience to pick your own fruits and veggies. If your local farms have this type of service do give it a visit because it is a fun experience and it will also be benefiting to the local farms. You are also given the opportunities to pick plenty of fruits and veggies and you can see the environment of the farm. 

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