The doctor is one of the most useful, necessary and noble professions in the whole world. Traditionally, a doctor has great respect and gratitude for his work. The image of a doctor in the eyes of people: a competent person with deep knowledge, dedicated to his mission – to save people and restore their health.

Now, when technologies are developing at a dizzying speed, the situation on the labor market is constantly changing, and representatives of not every profession can be sure that tomorrow their services will be needed by society. But this does not apply to doctors. Today they are in demand no less than in the days of Hippocrates.

As for salaries, in the CIS countries, doctors do not go to the top in terms of income, unlike, for example, Europe. However, the average salaries for doctors are higher than the regional average.

However, becoming a doctor is not easy. There will be a long strenuous study at a medical university, which you first need to enter.

Consider the options for how you can enrol in a medical university.

What You Need to Enter a Medical University

To date, training at universiti yang menawarkan bidang perubatan di malaysia can take place under a bachelor’s degree program (4 years) or a specialist’s degree program (6 years). It is important to realize that only junior medical personnel (nurse, nurse) can work with a bachelor’s degree, and in order to become a doctor, you will need to complete a master’s degree and residency. But a specialist can practice immediately after graduating from a specialty (although those who are going to work in narrower specializations also go to residency).

Admission to a medical university is based on the results of the exam. Chemistry and biology are usually required.

How to Prepare for Medical University

The process of preparing for admission is directly related to which university you have chosen.

So, in the CIS, where for admission it is necessary to score a certain number of points for state exams, the last two school years turn into a real race.

Since good knowledge of the regular school curriculum is not enough to pass the USE, future graduates have to prepare intensively in addition, which, of course, has the most unpleasant effect on academic performance in other subjects. In addition, the moment comes when it is no longer possible to change your mind: if suddenly, just before the USE, you decide that you still need to pass physics, for which you have not prepared, the result is unlikely to please.

A completely different picture is observed among those who decided to enter a medical institute abroad, for example, in Malaysia. There, the USE results are not needed, but a certificate with a high average score is just needed.

How Is the GPA

Different educational institutions calculate it in different ways, using their own algorithms, and Malaysia also has its own grading system, but this does not change the general essence of this: the higher the grades in all subjects, the higher the average score of the certificate, and the more respectable educational institutions with they will gladly take you into their walls.

The formation of the average score involves not only those selected subjects for which the university requires the USE, but all subjects, therefore the average score gives a more objective picture of progress, but the student will have to try to study well not in 3-4, but in all subjects.

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