Nowadays with the help of advanced technology and also the Internet, everything can be done online. Whether it is shopping or transaction money. We no longer have to hassle and go from place to place to do our business. We can even pay our bills online. With how easy and advanced the technology has become it also creates a lot of danger with it. We are often being exposed to online crimes like scammers, hackers, and identity fraud. That is why it is important for us to stay safe even when we are doing stuff online. 

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Throughout the years we have been seeing a lot of scammers that managed to stole thousands of dollars from civilians, we have seen pedophilias that catfished and try to take advantage of young children. The more technology is evolving the more dangers it creates for people, and it is important for us to know how to be safe online. 

Use A VPN 

When you are doing your work at any coffee shop you will tend to use their free wifi. Do you know that when you use free wifi that has no security to it, you are exposing your data and also your IP address to anyone So if someone is trying to hack you or steal your personal data they can just do it easily. But installing a VPN will protect you from all of these dangers when you are using a free unprotected Internet. 

Creates A Unique Password 

When creating a password for all of your important things like your bank account, your social media accounts. Try to come up with a unique password that people cannot guess, numbers like your birthday or your parent’s birthday are too easy for anyone to guess. And if you can create different passwords for everything and avoid forgetting these passwords you can write it down and put the information somewhere safe and secure. 

Two-Factor Authentication 

What is two-factor authentication? It is something that you need to put to make your account more secure. It is not a password or your email but it is more like a personal question that only you know the answer to them. This will add extra security to your accounts and even if someone knows your password they still couldn’t get into your account because of this two-factor authentication. 

Have A Backup Software 

Losing all of your important data is the most horrible thing that can happen. Imagine losing important data of your work, your presentation, and others. Sometimes, when a virus hits your laptop it can wipe all of your data without your approval, and to avoid this kind of problem from happening it is best for you to install the top backup software in your computer as a backup solution. 

Protect Your Social Media 

We use our social media like Instagram and Twitter almost every second of the day. However, for our own safety, it is important to remember not everything can be shared online like our personal information. This is because sharing too much of our personal information will attract the interest of many people to use it for bad reasons. Like scamming, stalking, or steal our identity. 

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