Are you getting to the age where you begin to get curious about your sexual desires? Have you discovered the act of ‘masturbation’ through peers or the internet?
These moments can be embarrassing to discuss with anyone therefore articles like this are here to help you get started safely and help with future experiences. 

Buying sex toys for the first time can be a confusing, scary but exciting experience. Therefore, the first one you buy may not be the best, but getting a good grasp of what you should look out for from the get-go will be much more useful than going in blind. 

Getting Started With Fingers First

Although looking at videos online would tend to showcase the usage of sex toys or vibrators, getting started with just using your fingers is advisable. This is because, unlike men, women’s masturbation can be a little more complex to a small degree. Thus, it would be advisable to start simple; using your fingers. 

Getting to know how to properly pleasure yourself through physical touch is a lot more important than people know. This is because when the use of physical touch is implemented, you would be able to ‘feel’ if it is right by how pleasurable the experience would be. 

However, using fingers does come with their own set of precautions that you would need to pay attention to. The first being to cut and file your nails before masturbating. Having long or sharp nails could cause internal wounds and bleeding that will hurt depending on the wound. Most cases would just be the stinging sensation on the internal walls of your vagina. 

Knowing Where To Buy It

When going through with the idea of buying a sex toy, it could be bought online or even in ‘adult stores’. We live in the modern era where a lot of things we would want to get, we could trust online services to provide. 

When buying it at stores in person, it could be an embarrassing experience. But the benefit of buying these in person is that the people that work at the store are able to give their advice on what you should buy for your first time and even teach you on how to clean your newly bought toys. 

Buying them online however is a gamble because you would only be able to read the description of the item but not to touch and feel it to know. But buying sex toys online has its own conveniences. For example, when buying it online, it would always be delivered in a discrete box where there will be no external labeling. This will help maintain the privacy of the customer because purchasing items like sex toys can be rather embarrassing for some people. Go to this site Secret Cherry, it is one of the top few trusted sites that you could shop for your first dildo or other sex toys. 

Start Small 

When buying your first sex toy, it would be advisable for you to start small. Buying a big dildo or vibrator from the get-go may be financially wasteful or even dangerous. This is because if you buy a big dildo, it may hurt you because you may not be used to stretching that way and this will cause discomfort; leading to a bad first experience. 

Therefore, get a decently priced, small size sex toy to begin with. This is only the first one that you would buy so there is no need to worry because you could always buy more in the future. 

Friendly Reminder

Lastly, just be safe and enjoy yourself. Buying a dildo may be a big decision but it should not be taken too seriously and just prioritize your own pleasure. Be safe, learn how to clean your sex toy before and after use. Use a condom on them if there is no lube around for you to use. 

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