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These days, it’s hard to comprehend a world without the internet.

Did you know that there are about 500 million individuals worldwide, over 400 million domains, approximately 6 million new blog posts published everyday, and millions of Google searches occurring single foremost? 

Those types of figures astound me…

They also demonstrate how important the internet is in our lives. For me and billions of other people, the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. Our reliance on the internet isn’t without flaws.

The internet connects (nearly) everybody on the planet. Consider that for a moment.

People have never been so interconnected before. Everyone on the opposite side of the globe is only a post, a DM, or an email away.

Our understanding of global events has increased. Our comprehension of other cultures (and, as a result, our own) has progressed. Outside of our small bubbles, our point of comparison and vistas widen.

Despite being distanced by continents, you can communicate with loved ones as if they were in this very same place and see their faces at the same time.

That’s also a big deal in a professional setting.

You can work from wherever if you combine connectivity with communications. More people (including myself) are working remotely than ever before.

There’s just no need to be confined to a single spot. You may chat as effortlessly as if you were in an office if you connect to WiFi.

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