This Year’s Venue For The Run: Mont Kiara!

Where is Mont Kiara? What part of the world is this place? First of all, this is not a city but just a part of a city. However, even if in their country, this is just a township, you will find that there are so many expats here and you will find as well that this area holds about 30 nationalities. You can say as well that there is no boring part of Mont Kiara as because of the limited space, everything is fully covered. Why? Because this area is one of the busiest of Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia. This is why this year we decided to hold the race in Mont Kiara! If you need more reasons to join this run, you can read this article.

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Actually, being in a capital city is already assumed as really busy and Mont Kiara is part of that hectic environment. If you will check this place, you will really feel it like everyone is just so busy. You will hardly find someone who is just sitting idly especially that you can also hardly see ordinary residential buildings. Yes, it is in this area that you will find high-rise buildings that are usually condominiums or offices. It is just a 15-minute drive to the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The best places to stay here is the Verve Suites and Marc Residence.

Not convinced to join yet? Check out this video to learn about the benefits of running!

Why is it that despite the limited space, more expats are attracted to this place and why it is best to mark one of the condos in this area and make yours?

Here are the reasons why we decide to settle in this part of the globe for the race:

1. Strategic location

Yes, this is one of the best reasons and this is also probably the reason why real estate investors decide to build their business properties here like the verve suites jalan kiara 5 and marc residence kuala lumpur. You can say that this place is connected to the 4 major highways which will give any residents an easy way to get to any place they want in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, it is also because of its location that there are times when one can just go on foot to wherever they want to go around the area like in its surrounding areas like to Sri Hartamas and to other major places.

2. Close to nature

You might think that Mont Kiara is such a hectic place like it is already suffocating. However, that is not the case as it has a major green lung in the form of acres of greenery. Yes, Bukit Kiara is just a short distance from Mont Kiara and it is quite spacious to do your thing or to enjoy different activities. You can take a walk here with is fresh air, hold some events like weddings, have a picnic with the entire family and so on. In fact, you will not be alone as every weekend, there are multiple families that enjoy their free times here.

Aside from Bukit Kiara, Taman Rimba Kiara is another neighboring place that can offer great relaxation with its public park where people like you can enjoy bird watching. That is right as this area is the home of 48 species of birds. You will surely adore them as it is not a usual sight.
Even if you happen to be a homebody, you will still benefit from the greeneries of the surrounding areas of Mont Kiara, as it balances its hectic environment.

3. Perfect for a work-play blend

We all must work as no one can just enjoy a free ride all the time. But then again, working without playing is also unhealthy. Living in verve suites kuala lumpur, you will have a perfect balance. With its limited space, you can enjoy working and playing at the same time. You just have to balance your time as this place offers everything comfortably at your doorstep. Unlike when you are living in a huge city where you have to travel far before you can get to your workplace and also travel far just to have a good time which will leave you exhausted overtime, that you will just decide to stay at home and rest.

4. Great for schoolers

Are you problematic because you have kids? You need not worry as your kids will surely be in good hands with the top-notch international schools in Mont Kiara. In fact, a lot of expats have their kids there and they just end up renting in one of the verve suites mont kiara properties or even marc service residence. You can do the same thing.

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