Breastfeeding is an extremely essential experience since it not only helps to promote the proper development of the baby, but it also helps to strengthen the connection between the mother and the kid. In reality, breast milk is the greatest source of nutrition for a newborn, who does not need any additional nutrients to grow and develop normally throughout the first few months of life.

The medical Standpoint

From a nutritional standpoint, the mother must consume a diverse, well-balanced, and nutritious diet, slightly increasing her daily calorie intake in order to provide the required nutrients to meet the requirements of the baby.

  • There are no specific foods to avoid, and in any instance, the doctor is the expert to contact in order to determine whether or not nursing is beneficial to the child’s development.
  • After all, breastfeeding is a completely natural procedure that usually follows the baby’s demands, but which can also be progressively modified to the mother’s time requirements, if that is what is required.
  • Breastfeeding in a healthy manner is also important for maintaining healthy breasts.

In the case of the breast, it is essential to avoid the development of fissures by ensuring that the infant is properly attached to the breast from the beginning. Consequently, nursing in a healthy manner is identical with breastfeeding in the right manner. With breastfeeding cream malaysia the options go perfect.

About the Cracks

Cracks are wounds on the nipple that occur as a result of the infant being incorrectly attached to the breast areola. It is really necessary for the infant to not only suck from the nipple but also to attach itself to the whole mammary areola in order to achieve effective sucking. In the case of flattened nipples, for example, this is problematic and may result in the development of cracks as a result.

It is suggested that you put a drop of milk on the areola soon after feeding your baby to protect the nipple.

In reality, milk is rich in preventive elements and antibodies that help to prevent nipple infections, which may lead to the development of mastitis, which is one of the most common reasons for breastfeeding to be discontinued in young children.

Mastitis is characterized by engorgement of the mammary glands, which is very painful and may also cause signs of fever as a result of the infection that is present.

Painful fissures may encourage it because they cause nursing to be delayed as a result of the discomfort, which is favorable to engorgement. Mastitis, on the other hand, may be cured with medication prescribed by a doctor, and nursing can be resumed.

The Suggestions

Another suggestion for preventing the development of fissures is to dry all of the’air areola after each feeding and, if required, to use absorbent shields that are changed on a regular basis to avoid the formation of fissures.

In addition, silver nipple shields are often recommended to protect the nipples, a “remedy” that has been known for decades to be effective. In fact, in addition to avoiding infections, it also helps to maintain the skin’s natural structure and, if this is disrupted, it helps to speed up the healing process.


We have learned how to nurse in a healthy manner while also maintaining the health of the breasts as a group. In order to preserve the beauty of an essential symbol of femininity, it is also necessary to ensure that its natural purpose, which is to feed the tiny one, is maintained. Simply follow these simple guidelines for successful nursing as well as for maintaining your breasts’ health and beauty!

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