Parents have it hard juggling jobs, children, and just the basic-everyday chaos that comes their way. Sometimes you may feel too tired to get intimate with your partner, or you just get bored of doing the same routine over and over again. But sometimes you have to deal with interruptions from children or the late night work phone calls and other disturbances that just turn into ‘maybe tomorrow, babe’. If you are worried that your sex life hangs in the balance, here are some tips to help restart the passion you feel your love life is missing. Remember you are allowed to ease into it. Don’t feel pressured to try something you aren’t comfortable with and respect your partner’s boundaries. 

1.     Romantic Get-Away

If interruptions are the cause of the lack of intimacy you could plan a romantic get-away to a beautiful place where you can practise your intimacy in privacy without interruption. Put your kids in the care of somebody you trust and plan your trip to a place that you and your partner will enjoy. It doesn’t always have to be an island get-away or a high-end restaurant. You could also spend the time at home and treat it as a ‘honeymoon’. The important thing here is to relax and feel comfortable around each other. Whether that involves a big bottle of wine or a good romantic movie, simply being at ease and undisturbed can be enough to reignite that spark that has been missing.

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2.     Sex Toys

Sex toys Malaysia offers you exactly there kind of stimulation that can help you unwind and bring back the fire to the bedroom. There are various forms and shapes and sizes to help stimulate you and your partner. Also purchase a lubricant that you will not react to to make sure the entire process goes smoothly. You and your partner can play around with BDSM, a practice that incorporates whips, cuffs and other bondage-type instruments. Try these out on your partner with their consent and include a safety word to ensure that you are both safe when engaging in it. BDSM is a popular practice and is often used to spice up bedroom love-making. 

3.     Switch positions

If the positions have been the same, learn about new ones. There are various styles to pick from and you can look them up online to figure out which ones you’re comfortable enough trying. You might just find that the ones you have been avoiding are your new favourites. Remember, if you are going to get ideas from visual material, use ethical sites that recognise sex work and pay their actors and actresses accordingly. There are various platforms offering these services, including the increasingly popular Only Fans platforms, where artists show exclusive work in exchange for a fee to their audience, or clients and customers.

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