Are you looking for a way to make extra money? Or maybe you just want to gain experience from working? Well, doing a part-time job is one of the best ways to gain experience and make extra money. There is plenty of part-time jobs that we can do out there for example like doing a roof repair Malaysia, to help us generate that extra cash. 

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Other than that, here are some of the part-time jobs that you can do to make money. 

Waitress / Waiter 

When talking about part-time jobs, many people will say that they have been doing part-time jobs at a restaurant as a waiter. This is because this is the easiest job that you can apply for and get because they usually do not need a resume that has all of your accomplishments. As long as you are willing to work hard every day they will hire you. 

Appointment Setter 

What is an appointment setter? Well, an appointment setter is someone that sets your appointment dates for anything. And all you need to have is good communication skills with people because you need to called them and set an appointment for them. 

Brand Ambassador 

When we go to the mall, we always have these people that would always give us free samples of their foods, drinks, or any new products. Well, if you are someone that is friendly and capable of standing on your feet for a whole day, this is the perfect job for you because you need to be able to interact with people and promote the products. 


A babysitter is probably the best way to make money because all you need to do is babysit someone’s children. Usually, they will need you to be able to come to their house and babysit their children. All of the foods are already be prepared for you and their baby, and they will pay you according to the hours that you babysit their children. 

Food Delivery 

With the pandemics, a lot of people are no longer dining in at their favorite restaurant. They would usually just take out or order from apps to be sent to their house. And that is why we can see there are many people becoming a food delivery because the demands for their services has increased. 

House Sitter 

One of the nicest benefits of being a home sitter or babysitter is that you don’t have to do anything besides ensure that the house you’re keeping is safe and secure. If there is an issue, you may need to schedule repairs while also doing routine maintenance. It’s not much different than hanging out at home when you’re working for the right customer.


Consider what makes a work enjoyable as well as what makes work easy. Working for a large national shop may not be your ideal career, but there are tiny smaller shops that might be a perfect match. Consider a bookstore if you love to read, a pet store if you like pets, a liquor store if you prefer alcohol, or a hardware store if you enjoy fixing things.

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