Diving is a water sport that requires a comfortable relationship with great bodies of water and an adventurous can-do spirit, and it is a go-to favourite for many families choosing to holiday by the seaside. Malaysia offers numerous spots for diving with varying price ranges to suit your pocket and destination and while diving as a learner is fun, you could consider becoming a certified diver yourself!

There are several areas to choose from should one decide to earn a diving license. Many of the training centres are located on the small islands for hands-on experience in saltwater bodies. Where to do it is preferential. The islands of Langkawi, Perhentian, Penang, Sabah and many others offer diving courses to any able swimmer. Different diving locations award several options for other water activities including snorkelling, deep-sea diving and jet-skiing. Every activity is an enjoyment. 

diving license Malaysia

There are advantages to obtaining a diving license Malaysia, especially if you live around islandic areas. While obtaining a diving license, you can also explore other aqua-sports and activities related to diving or for leisure purposes. Diving is a fun activity for lovers of water of all ages and it is easy to learn with the right equipment and the appropriate instruction. Prices are relatively flexible and differ with to the number of classes, equipment maintenance and the perks attached to the diving lessons, but overall, it is beneficial to many who may consider starting their own aqua activities service or simply wish to partake in solo dives in other countries or in Malaysia itself. Learning to dive and achieving certification can also help protect other young divers themselves from harm as well as ensure that sea life remains undisturbed if there is coral or fish in the diving zone.

Learning to dive is a splendid way to spend a short holiday. Not only do you get to interact with wild sea life, you also earn yourself a new skill set. The great thing about diving is that firstly, you don’t require strong swimming skills and if this still worries you, the diving zone can be relatively shallow for beginners who do not feel comfortable diving too far below the surface. And certification can be achieved in less than a week for the ambitious learners who are worried they will be training for a long time. 

Diving lessons in Malaysia come with numerous other opportunities and you can secure yourself a package deal that includes ferry transport, hotel stays and gear rental for you and a friend. Some packages may be extended to three other people or include meal deals and other perks to make the overall diving experience enjoyable. Whichever package you decide to pick, diving is ultimately a fun hobby to learn and teach!

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