Do you want to increase your Internet speed? For each problem, its solution, we give you some tips. Choose Time Fibre Malaysia for the best connection option and do the followings:

Time fibre Malaysia
  • check the connections of your box
  • restart your box
  • move closer to your box
  • place your Internet box correctly, preferably high up
  • prefer to connect your computer to your box with an Ethernet cable (and not in Wifi)
  • equip yourself with a wifi repeater which will amplify your signal
  • use a CPL kit (power line carrier)
  • avoid equipment that slows down the flow (multiple sockets, extension cords, etc.)
  • make regular updates and cleanings of your computer to erase unnecessary software or malware
  • close the software that uses the Internet connection 
  • close the programs and sessions open on your computer
  • multiply anti-virus and anti-spyware scans 
  • reconfigure your firewall 
  • change the Wifi channel if it is used by too many users.

When you do a speed test, you usually do it to check elements of your internet connection. Among these there is undoubtedly the download speed, the upload speed, the ping and many others, below we will focus on the download speed.

Essential Choices For The Users

The latter has always been essential for all users, in fact technology has made and continues to make great strides to always allow maximum speed for the internet connection, especially internet for small and medium enterprises growth strategies. An example could be that of the optical fiber that guarantees an excellent service to all those who need a good connection that from the speed tests results in even 1000 megs in download.

It therefore means that you will have an offer where surfing the internet will certainly be effective and fast, with sites that can be loaded in no time on your desktop or touch device. An example of a good download speed could be that between the values ​​of 7 and 10 megs, obviously detected thanks to, a site that allows real-time ADSL speed tests.

What You Need To Know About Download Speed

The word download means to download and therefore the speed of this operation represents all the time it takes to transfer files, photos, videos or documents from the network to your PC. It is therefore essential that when performing a speed test, the download speed is high enough. As with upload speed, download speed is calculated in megabits or kilobits, also known as mbps or kbps.

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