When it comes to washing infants‘ bottoms, disposable wipes are not the most environmentally-friendly choice. There are simple, low-cost solutions that do not create trash that may be used. One alternative is to use cotton wipes, which can be cleaned and reused many times. Now, if we ever need to purchase a box, we may choose from a variety of brands that have a lower environmental effect and fewer health consequences. We’ll go through how to spot them in a moment. From Malaysia’s best online baby store you can have smart solutions.

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The abrasion was on the tissue

To be more precise, it is what is known as a non-woven fabric, and it is not a traditional piece of cloth. They are fibers that are neither spun nor woven but are simply linked together to create a “net” or mesh that gives the material its shape and provides it structure (the best-known case of non-woven fabric would be raw cotton).

What distinguishes one material (non-woven fabric) from another is the kind of fibers that are used to create it:

Fibers produced from cellulose are taken from wood, such as viscose or Tencel, which are derived from cellulose. They may be made from either virgin wood (which may or may not originate from sustainable farms) or post-consumer materials, such as recycled paper or cardboard, depending on the manufacturer.

Cotton is a natural fiber. Cotton cultivation, if it is not done in an environmentally friendly manner, is one of the most heavily treated crops with pesticides and other extremely harmful phytosanitary agents.


This is the term used to describe the combination of vegetable fibers (any of the two types listed above) with polyester or polypropylene (or a mix of the two). These are produced from crude oil, which is a nonrenewable natural resource.

Substances that cause problems

The ingredient list is required to be included on all wet wipes products; it must be in English and must be legible on the packaging. The recipe contains ingredients that aid in cleaning, soften or deodorize the wipe, alter the pH of the wipe, and prolong the shelf life of the wipe, among other things. 

The following are the substances that are the most troublesome among those used in wipes:

Allergic substances such as propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, and potassium sorbate are present (and the former also irritates the skin). Allergies would manifest themselves after a prolonged period of exposure to the chemical in the issue. – Many aromatic chemicals are also allergies, which is why some manufacturers provide unscented wipes in their product lines as an alternative. It is permissible to include just the word perfume in the list of ingredients, which refers to all scents unless the fragrance includes more than a specified quantity of the component. We discovered the scents geraniol, coumarin, d-limonene, and linalool in the products we investigated since they were separately stated.


Aloe barbadensis leaf extract is the name of the item that we will discover in the list of ingredients. No danger exists if the phrase Decolorized is placed in front of the word Decolorized. The ingredients should be listed in descending order of amount, so that we can tell if an ingredient is at the beginning of the end of the list, and whether there is more or less of that item.

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