There is nothing like preparing your best Bolognese with the time and love it deserves. Imagine it: It’s a light Thursday evening. Your meat is sizzling, dancing with the heat of the pan. Your carrots and onions are diced, and you diced them with patience and chef-like accuracy. Your juice is in the fridge, ready to be sipped with your meal at exactly 7.30 p.m. But wait. You forgot to buy the cheese– the most important part of the meal! It’s okay, you can use fresh groceries delivery Kuala Lumpur to have it delivered to your doorstep in twenty minutes. The day is saved!

Home-prepped meals are wholesome and nutritious, depending on what your cooking is like. A lot of graduates are afraid to venture into home-cooking and it is understandable. It requires time and patience, and if it turns out horrible, it would have been all that effort for nothing. No need to panic, though. Cooking is a wonderful skill and you are never too old to learn how to prepare a nutritious meal with the best ingredients around you. Lockdown makes it difficult to take your time when shopping, but you can always order your ingredients online and have them delivered to you in a flash. Here is a list of my go-to meals when I am especially busy. These are all fresh and organic options that are super easy and convenient. 

1.     Pasta. You can never go wrong with pasta. It is quick and cheap and only requires boiling water and salt to cook. Your pasta can also be diverse: macaroni, fettuccine and spaghetti are all the same and can be cooked the same way– even together! You can top your pasta with a cooked tomato sauce and cheese, or with beans or with mincemeat or shredded chicken. It is that simple.

2.     Potatoes. Potatoes are loaded with nutrients, offering nourishment and satisfaction. The great thing about them is how they can be prepared in so many different ways. Fry them to make hash browns or French fries, or boil them to make a simple potato soup or make a brilliant mash. Bake them in the oven along with your chicken so that you don’t have to worry about too many dishes. Potatoes are a great dinner, lunch or breakfast option as well.

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3.     Fruit salads. Salads are probably the easiest and least messy dishes out of all of these. Fruit salads are exceptional and delicious and can be composed of any fruits you enjoy. All you need to do is wash and dice your fruit, and if it is too much you can freeze it and make a morning fruit smoothie the following day. One popular option is to add almonds to the top and drizzle citrus juice. You still get a great nutritious breakfast, lunch or dessert out of a fruit salad bowl.

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