Paints nowadays are different from the paints from decades ago. These days, many components or chemicals are added to the paint. In this article, we will let you know the most basic components which are available in almost every paint brand.

Pigments that give color and opacity to the paint. For example, titanium dioxide (chemical TiO2) is mainly used as a white pigment and in paints. and titanium dioxide also works as a UV filter protecting the binder material of paints.

  • Binding agents:

The binder, also known as resin, is a polymer that forms a matrix to hold the pigment in place and keep the pigment in the paint together.

  • Extender:

Expanders are larger particles of pigment added to improve adhesion, save binder, and strengthen the film in the paint.

  • Solvent:

The solvent is also known as diluent. These days, water-based paints are replacing paints that use volatile organic compounds. For example, hydrocarbons are harmful to the ecosystem.

  • Additives

Additives currently widely used in paints to improve or modify the properties of liquid paint or any dry film. These additives improve the overall quality of the paints. For example, the acrylic emulsion is used as an additive for paints and varnishes to increase wear resistance, washability, and protection of cork and algae. Another additive for dyes is methylcellulose, which prevents dye pigments from settling, gives a unique smoothness and texture, and increases the adhesion to the milk dye. In addition to improving the opening time of the joints, the hardening of the lime also increases. Methylcellulose also protects joints and paints from excessive dryness.

  • Dispersants and Silicones:

Dispersants are mainly used to separate and stabilize or known as stabilizers the pigment particles in the paints and silicones are used to improve air resistance. It protects the walls from extreme weather conditions such as heat, rain, thunderstorms.

  • Thixotropic agents:

These are used in paint to give the paint a jelly-like texture. This consistency then turns into a liquid when blended or dipped into the brush. It makes the application process very simple and less cluttered.

  • Drivers:

It is used to speed up the drying process of paint after it has been applied to surfaces.

  • Anti-settling agents:

These agents protect the pigments from means such as methylcellulose.

  • Bactericides, fungicides and algaecides:

These are added to protect the exterior paint films from deformation caused by mold.

If your paint does not have any of the above-mentioned components, you can easily obtain them from Malaysian chemical suppliers and the industry as well.  

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