Can you tell me how much money a neighbor got for his unit in a Subang Bestari development? The free pricing map displays the costs of the flats in the immediate vicinity. Important information for landlords and property managers the purchase and sale of an apartment. 

Making A Decision On Which Apartment To Rent And Purchasing It

Using the free pricing map, you can see the prices at which apartments and other real estate in your neighborhood have really sold. Do you need to know the price of your flat, or are you simply curious about how much real estate costs in your neighborhood? Do you want to sell your flat for the highest possible price? If so, read on. Alternatively, do you want to purchase another apartment but do not want to spend too much for it?

The lease contains which clauses, on the other hand, are totally superfluous and should be deleted? These are those that are in violation of the legal standards set out in the Civil Code. In addition, the Lessor does not have the power to unilaterally impose restrictive conditions, such as: 

  • a prohibition on the use of a housing unit by children; or 
  • a prohibition on the use of a housing unit by pets.
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Don’t Be Afraid To Insure Yourself.

When we wrote about how to make your apartment bulletproof, we referred to the post How to make your leased flat bulletproof as an example. The renter is responsible for obtaining household and liability insurance, and the lease agreement may include a provision requiring the tenant to do so. Failure to establish does not constitute a ground for the landlord to terminate the contract; nevertheless, it does provide him the right to collect losses that would otherwise be covered by insurance.”

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Don’t be discouraged if it seems at first sight that you will never be able to make it via the rental company. The specialists will progressively take you through the whole process of renting an apartment, for example; in the next article, we will discuss the time after the new tenant has already moved in. Renting an apartment may be time-consuming, but we are capable of doing so and find it enjoyable. And that is exactly what we will teach you.

In the case of real estate, the value is decided by supply and demand… as well as the realized sales prices of comparable flats, homes, and plots of land in the neighborhood. It is likely that comparable apartments in the neighborhood have sold for X CZK or more, and that this X will have a significant impact on the price of yours. For buyers and sellers, the price of the adjacent / neighboring apartment serves as a “benchmark” and they can tell if your offer is too low or too high based on this comparison.

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