Working from home has now become the new normal. In fact, it is no longer “new”. It is simply the norm. Work from home has been here with us since 2020 and this has forced us to rethink the way we handle data. Are we doing enough data backup and recovery to ensure that our work is seamless?

Thousands of data get created and processed during our work. Whether it is our job as sales assistants or content writers, data is being created. The data is worth hours of hard work and grinding. It will be heartbreaking to lose it.

The same goes for students who are studying from home. Two years’ worth of notes is on our devices. Losing them is not an option especially if the students come from a STEMM (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine) field of study. Medicine students cannot afford to lose their medical notes that took hours of the day. Keeping up with lecturers, exams, online classes is hard enough without a proper backup system for our data. 

In some other parts of the world, people are transitioning from home to office. We are fighting for our office station, and PC. We are fighting to get all the work we have done at home and get it backed up onto our office PC. We do not want to be wondering about a day we lose all the data we have revised and saved at our home. Nor do we want to lose the years of data research, or analysis.

If you are a marketer you don’t want to lose the data you have accumulated on your customers. As someone in research and development, you should not lose data on product briefs and innovations. You are costing hours worth of work and money. So in the light of many different transitions and the significance of data, our data backup strategies need to be changed and revolutionized for the better.

Invest In An External Hard Drive 

External hardware goes a long way in protecting your personal information, your hard work, and your research. An external hard drive connects your PC to the drive and stores up the work you are doing. If you are using an external drive for the sake of your work, it is safe to invest in 500GB or at least 1TB hard drives. Hard drives also help make your work easier on the computer.

Computers can easily go under a slowdown if there is too much space taking them up. An external hard drive creates the space for you to do your work in a fast and easy manner. Many people recommend encrypting the data on your external drive for the sake of prevention of identity theft as well. Data must be well stored and encrypted for your safety. 

Get Cloud Storage 

Cloud storage is another way to think about backing up and recovering your data. Cloud storage uses the world of the internet to keep your data protected and instantly backed up. As long as you have wifi, you can instantly save your data to the cloud and access it from any part of the world and from any device. 

Backup Solutions For Each And Every Device 

Not all devices can support all forms of backup solutions. Your tablet and phone differ from your PC. Your workstation PC also may differ from your year-old laptop. So be mindful of the device you have and choose an appropriate backup solution. 

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