A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words – and also Drives You More Traffic!

What do you feel when you read a verbose explanation of how to conduct an experiment in your Chemistry text book? Boring! Why in the world should we waste our time reading it when the author could just simply put more pictures with explanation underneath describing what is really happening.  In this era where high quality cameras are being stick to your phones as well as coloured printers can be found in most households, visual aid is now an important instrument in content creating.

 Content creator around the world, especially you guys living in Malaysia, should take note that the world is changing, so does the preferences of our audiences in viewing our online pages. More multimedia platform should be engaged to the content to make it as high quality as possible as content is the king of marketing right now.With that being said, a creative content creator, especially the ones who aim to bolster their rank in SEO, should insert more visuals to their pages. Why you asked?

 Well, behold! Because I am about to tell you why your content should contain more images! Firstly, of course it is due to the fact that it will enable your page to look visually appealing to the eyes of your audiences. However, be sure to select a suitable image, related to the posts you are posting. Besides that, image insertion will definitely increase your traffic if you optimise the Alt text and image description panels on your settings. Make sure image is being named with the best suitable name while the alt text should  contain the keyword you wish to rank higher in the SERPs.

 In addition, say if your audience, doesn’t just love your content, but also your visual representation, chances are you will be channelled and link to other sites due to the free promotions you get from your viewers. They will share your page on social medias and various online platforms. Imagine how many clicks will you gain if your audience have over a thousand or even million of followers.

Apart from that, inserting pictures to your content will also make your content looks longer than it originally was. Yeah, I know it doesn’t increase the word count, but trust me it will lengthen the looks of your post. If you are creating a content of step-by-step guidelines, or even tricks or tutorial, inserting images will be very helpful in making your audience understand the explanation better.

Just like the Chemistry lab experiment in the text book example I told you earlier.                     

In conclusion, content creators, especially those who work in marketing their business and wish to rank higher in the SERPs, be it through SEO in Malaysia or abroad, shall take the initiatives to put more graphic and visual aids to their page content. Well, of course, not just by inserting images, but also other visuals such as infographic posters, videos and so forth, to make the content more user-friendly, thus, increasing your rank in the search engines.